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Concrete Stamping System
Ultra Flexible – Ultra Durable
Extreme Textures – Effortless Application
Patent Pending

Imagine the texture as part of your hand,
or an extension of your fingers.

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Perfect for stamping out vertical veneer stone, creating stepping stones and landscape edging, or water feature boulders. Also great for flatwork edges.

With the SpidaGlove and SpidaStamp system, no more holding and picking up a stamp, simply press your hand into the concrete surface… and pull up your hand when done. This is a system where in one hand you can spray the surface with a release agent, and stamp away with the other, or…

Two textures can be held in either hand, allowing for complimentary and alternating aggressive and subtle textures to be applied. With many textures available, the user may mix and match many combinations of stone textures, and…

The ultra flexible urethane rubber used for these stamps allows for stamping corners, contortions, and wrapping edges.

The SpidaGlove is very similar to a general utility glove, except for the special fabric on the palm. Extremely comfortable, flexible, and functional, it has the looks and feel of a mechanic glove. Available in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large.

We have many exciting regional textures now available, depending on the part of country you live in, or to use textures from another part of the country, including Hawaii.

Our “How To” pages will help make this process clear. www.rockmolds.com


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