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StepStone Maker: Florida Kit




(3) StepStone Maker forms: 12”, 18”, 22” Made with High Strength Flexible Lifetime Rubber
(3) SpidaStamps: Rough Coral, Pitted Coral, Miami Slate
(1) Pair of SpidaGloves (S, M, L, XL)
(1) 10”x3” Mini Pool Trowel
(1) 2-lb. Brown Integral color for concrete.
(1) 1-lb. Granite Dark Gray release powder
(1) Step by Step instructions


Turn concrete into stone! “StepStone Maker” brought to you by RockMolds, has everything included for DIY’s to create natural looking stepping stones out of concrete. With our tools and easy to follow step by step instructions, we show how to “stamp” rock textures into wet concrete, utilizing natural stone textures just like the Pros! Make realistic stepping stones for a fraction of the cost of natural stone!

The StepStone Maker includes everything the DIY needs to make natural looking stepping stones. The rigid rubber forms to put the concrete in, which allows for limitless possibilities of layouts. SpidaStamp regional stone textures, 9” round, flexible rubber stamps which will give thousands of rock impressions. The SpidaGlove, with the hook-and-loop system that allows for simple control for holding the SpidaStamps and easily pressing rock textures into wet concrete. Our premium mini Mini Pool Trowel, specially designed for the DIY to finish concrete stepping stones with its rounded edges. Integral color to mix in with the bags of concrete for the base color, along with a colored powder release to antique the stepping stones. And detailed step by step instructions to easily “walk” the DIY through making your own stepping stones!

SAVE MONEY: Make natural looking stepping stones for a fraction of the cost. We typically use the 60 or 80 lb. premixed bags of concrete from the big box stores. With an 80 lb. bag of concrete costing less than $4 and making 2 to 3 stones, that is less than $2 a stone!
NO LIMITATIONS: The flexibility of this system allows for simple layout to fit your site requirements. With the three sizes of forms, there are literally thousands of options for pathway layouts!
EASY TO INSTALL: Unlike natural stone where a sand bed is required for the stones to sit perfectly flat, that is not a concern with The StoneMaker, where the bottom of the stones will conform to any surface they sit on. That means less work for you!
LOOKS NATURAL: With the organic shapes of the forms, natural textures of the stamps, and color for the stones, your stepping stones look like they’ve always been there!

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 in
Glove Size


2 reviews for StepStone Maker: Florida Kit

  1. Tim Weiber

    Easy, Easy, Thank You RockMolds

  2. David

    Thank you, looks beautiful

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