SpidaStomp – Stone Textured Shoes for Concrete – RMSSTS





INCLUDED: (2) SpidaStomps, (2) Rougher Stone Stamps, (2) Smoother Slate Stamps, RockMolds Tote Bag.

CHOICE OF TEXTURE:  A rougher stone or smoother slate texture, depending on the concrete texture stamped that day.  Easily change from texture to texture, adhering to the bottom of shoes with a heavy duty Velcro system.

FEATHERED EDGES: Allows the user to get out onto the concrete at various stages of the pour, while actually stamping the surface of the concrete, without foot depressions, or outline of the boot sole.

WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Used in combination with typical 3′ stamping mats, the large flat footprint helps distribute the body weight evenly onto the stamp, and helps avoid the dreaded “duck ponds”.

INDUSTRY STANDARD: Typical spiked shoe board (without the spikes), with easy to use Velcro straps. Simply step in and strap up. No more buckles.

CHEAP INSURANCE: In that situation when you do need to get back out onto the finished concrete to fix a “baldy” or other blemish, this will allow you to do that.

PATENT PENDING:  And all conveniently stored in a SpidaStomp tote bag.



Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 3 in


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