Vertical Stamping

An existing substrate, in this case a set of concrete block retaining walls.

Apply a acrylic concrete polymer “glue” to the clean solid substrate. This creates a chemical bond. Let tack up 15-20 min.

Apply a scratch coat, then texture coat of a vertical stamp mix. Trowel the surface smooth, while undulating the depth at 3/8 – 5/8″.

Visualize the individual stones, and scratch in rough outlines. These will be your stamping guidelines.

Apply a liquid releasing agent to the wall and stamps. Stamp a distinctive texture between the rough outlines.

Carve out the joints between the stones, wait until the vertical mix is sufficiently, firmed up to the carve, not tear.

Color by spraying an acid stain on the stones, In this case we used dark brown stain mimic lava stone.

Seal with a natural finish , low sheen, concrete penetrating sealant.

Add elements to your landscape.

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