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Enjoy the look of a natural stone fire pit in your own backyard, featuring Sandstone, and Ledgestone styles Fire Pits.  Cast from modular pieces of natural stone, these fire pits mimic natural stone perfectly. The challenge of trying to radius natural stone, without the cost and challenge, are already done for you.


Two piece system, comprised of a base and cap, for easy installation.


Base Height – 16″

Outside Diameter – 44″

Inside Diameter – 32″

Cap Thickness – 2.5″

Cap Outside Diameter – 48″

Cap Outside Width – 24″

Rebar integrated into the base and cap, along with stealth fiber in the mix for long term strength.

Integral color in the mix, along with penetrating stains for a  realistic stone look.

The “sandstone” fire pit is a natural focal point in any backyard, and also doubles as a natural bench, with an overall height of 18″.

Wood or gas may be utilized with this fire pit.  With the opening of the cap 24″ wide, an 18″ burner is optimum if plumbed for gas.   Or you may enjoy a natural open flame, as the 16″ deep base gives plenty of room for split wood to burn.

All pieces and components are proudly manufactured and distributed in
 the United States of America.

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